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Franchise Business Consultant of Colorado, Wyoming and Montana

The Right Franchise Opportunity Can Help You Escape The Job You Hate!

Fed up with your current job and looking for a change?

If you have been looking into business start ups, or businesses for sale without a solid plan in place, you are not alone. Here at FranNet, we have many exciting franchise opportunities available. There are numerous advantages of buying a franchise compared to buying a small business on your own or working for an employer.

When you own a franchise location, you have the freedom and rewards of being your own boss while receiving help and structure from the franchisor.

Even if you’re currently unemployed (in this economy, that’s not surprising) you have the opportunity to be your own boss instead of starting another dead end job working for someone else.

For some people it’s easier this way, after all it’s just a job, right? Or is it? You’re working for someone else, doing what they want, making money for the company, while you see a small fraction of that.

Now that doesn't mean that jobs don't have their merits. There’s the steady income and the benefits after all. But in the end, most people don’t like what they do, and they certainly don't like doing it for someone else. However, a majority of people stay employed in a regular old job that they probably hate.

What if you could be one of the minority who says, no more! “I don’t want to work for someone else. I want to do something for me!”

What if you had some alternatives? There may be options you haven’t considered before. Options such as owning your own business.

Many of my clients are surprised how affordable many of our franchises are. Our low cost franchises for sale are a great way to get started as a business owner. Whether you need an inexpensive startup or are ready to make a larger investment, im here to help you make the right decision.

My background will help you understand how I can help you with that.

I was employed in Corporate America myself until 2001. Like many of you, I faced a layoff, but not just one – two layoffs from the same company in a 12 month period. They brought me back, just to humiliate me again with a second layoff.

Then I started my own business and saw the benefits of having control over my own schedule. I got to go to all my kids plays I was missing before. I contributed to the family income with my own side business and enjoyed the independence. Now that I’ve tasted freedom, I’ll never go back.

As a franchise consultant for FranNet Colorado, I have my freedom and control, and best of all, I get to help people just like you. Individuals who want to improve their lives by taking advantage of a franchise opportunity.

You want to find a work/life balance, and something that fits with your goals and lifestyle. As a franchise matchmaker, I want to help you find a franchise business that fits you just right.

Through my no cost educational services, you can first decide if business ownership is right for you. Then if you want to move forward, I will continue to work with you at no cost to match you with franchise concepts that you’ll find appealing to you and your family.

Did I mention my services do not cost you anything as a client? Sound too good to be true? Ask me how that works and I’ll be glad to tell you.

Franchise ownership has many advantages, over traditional start-ups, such as getting instant answers to the most important business specific questions for any industry and having proven turn-key business success formulas and plans at your fingertips from day one.

If you believe a franchise opportunity in or around Denver, CO is right for you, please feel free to contact me at your convenience. You will get plenty of free advice about starting your new business and get a better idea of whether or not buying a franchise is the best solution for your needs. Your journey to profitable entrepreneurship can start here and I welcome the chance to assist you.

You can find balance. Let me help you find what you are looking for with a franchised business that matches you.

About Cindy

Cindy Rayfield is a franchise consultant with FranNet Colorado, offering services to clients Colorado, Wyoming and Montana. She has a history of helping people build and grow their businesses. Since 2001 she has been a business owner, operating a website and copywriting company in Denver that helps small businesses, churches and non-profits with marketing and communication projects.

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