Which Franchise Concepts are in Your Fantasy Draft Pool?

One thing that never ceases to amaze the entrepreneurial clients we serve at FranNet is the sheer number of franchise business concepts available to consider. Currently, that number appears to be topping 4,000. A figure like that might lead you to believe that there simply has to be a business ou[...] Read more...

Three Key Factors in the Art of Time Management

What does an average day look like for you? Would you describe it as chaos? It’s a funny thing to consider that technology is ostensibly supposed to streamline our lives, but we seem to be more pressed for time than ever. Wake up before the sun rises, prep for work, drop kids off at school,[...] Read more...

Maximizing Post-Liquidity - Tips on Selling Your Franchise

Today’s FranNet blog is going to take us on a journey way into the future. Well past the point of your decision to make a personal entrepreneurial journey. Past all the benefits of becoming your own boss. Past what we hope is prosperity and profitability. And to the current point where you&[...] Read more...

Get to Know…Ivan Oliver and Karina Esparza of PuroClean

To say that franchising sometimes takes real teamwork to become a success is fairly common. And this sentiment is perfectly expressed by husband and wife Ivan Oliver and Karina Esparza, proud owners of a PuroClean franchise in San Antonio, TX. Their journey together began long before they opened [...] Read more...

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