Mark Roger Keeps Indiana Entrepreneurs Together At the Round Table

Finding success as a franchise business owner is all about research, leadership and networking. With the myriad of unpredictable circumstances an owner faces in the first few years, a guiding hand can provide the right amount of support for a new owner. FranNet continuously strives to arm aspiring entrepreneurs with innovative, powerful tools that will put them ahead of the competition and make the early years smoother.

Mark Roger, FranNet MidAmerica in Indiana, knew entrepreneurs needed resources beyond an accountant and attorney to be successful. They needed connections with business networking groups, health insurance providers, bookkeepers, professional coaching, etc. In conjunction with his partnership with the Indiana Small Business Development Center (ISBDC), Mark created an entrepreneur educator collective, a public - private profession partnership, called the E Round Table - providing professional expertise focusing on a business owners’ initial 3 years in business.

“With FranNet, our clients are vulnerable to negativity and constant second-guessing. Teaching aspiring, young entrepreneurs that are just starting out help to keep me attuned to their issues, perspectives and reservations,” said Mark. It reminds me to have a bit of empathy and, of course, provides great life stories to share with FranNet clients working through our process.”

The E Round Table is coordinated, marketed and underwritten by FranNet MidAmerica and has several educational programs for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship groups free of charge throughout Indiana. Members of the E Round Table participate in quarterly meetings to work on entrepreneurship programming as well as an opportunity for E Round Table members to network among themselves.

Currently, there are 24 professionals that have agreed to provide two presentations on their subject of expertise annually throughout Indiana. Areas of expertise include: various insurance providers, state procurement, social media, advertising, sales coaching, as well as a SBA Officer and a SBDC Regional Director.

“Just as you get personal enjoyment in starting an individual out in a FranNet business – you can get the same excitement from working with an inspiring entrepreneur who has an “a-ha” moment,” said Mark. “Better yet, that entrepreneur may eventually purchase a franchise – double the fun!” 

The E Round Table has started identifying and addressing concerns beyond education. Recently, they’ve begun work on a conference room-share program for start-ups and entrepreneurship groups. Members recognized a need for professional conference room space for start-ups and groups to entertain clients, bankers, and large presentations. To rectify this, FranNet MidAmerica is implementing an electronic sign-up process on space participating professionals are voluntarily providing within their own workspaces.

 “My goals for the future of The E Round Table is to equip Indiana with an entrepreneurship education collective that has a communal conscious. These types of programs demonstrate that FranNet provides local business expertise, exceptional franchise knowledge and serves as the primary resource in entrepreneurship and business fundamentals education.”

For more information on FranNet services contact Mark Roger at (317) 646-2697 or visit

Comfort Zones Aren’t All That Comfortable

The origin of the phrase ‘comfort zone’ is a tricky one, mostly because we all have a personal definition and understanding of the term. But when it comes to performance, it’s relatively straightforward: the comfort zone is a behavioral state in which a person operates in an anxiety-neutral condition, using a limited set of behaviors to deliver a steady level of performance, usually without a sense of risk.

Risk is a key word here. When was the last time you took a risk? I don’t mean run over train tracks to beat the train or walk up to a salivating, growling street dog. It could be as uncomplicated as risking embarrassment at a karaoke bar or speaking up at your next business meeting. Stepping out of comfort zones don’t have to be momentous – it is simply a quick nod “yes” instead of the familiar hesitation.

Taking the plunge into unexplored zones can be liberating, enticingly mysterious and full of positive, life-changing encounters. Risk doesn’t end in just failure or embarrassment, it can be a chance for greatness and happiness. We know by now that inspiration appears in many forms. It can even lie in moments of discomfort -- look for these opportunities and snatch them! Break free of the limitations you surround yourself with, sleep each night with no regrets and realize control of different situations are easier to maintain with an open perspective.

Comfort zones are self-created. We choose where the lines fall or if they even have to be there at all. Next time you find yourself hesitating, take a moment. You are a wonderful, resilient, capable, courageous individual. Allow that to show in all facets of life and live each day to its fullest!

If you want to try and measure your comfort zone, there’s a website for that. See it here.

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Make Your First Year Of Business Ownership Profitable

After working with your local FranNet consultant, you found the perfect business for your personal goals at last. Yet, while you have come a long way, there are still many obstacles to overcome ahead. It’s time to prepare for getting over the biggest hurdle of your new chapter: the first year.

  • Hot Off The Press: Because you are brand new, you think the more press the better, but this might not be the best tactic. Your business is in the stage of working out the bumps and nailing your services or product. Press can be very beneficial, but try not to go overboard.


  • Networking Haze: You owe a lot to networking and the connections you’ve made up to this point. However, you could find yourself in a network haze, where each night is filled with another event or party. Don’t get too caught up in the extra circular activities -- you have to do your homework and a lot of that happens mainly at your desk.


  • The Office Atmosphere: Right away, get started on your company culture and always drive home your mission and vision for the company. To attain the business goals you’ve been dreaming of the past few months, you have to organize your leaders and employees. Those first hires are critical to your survival, so encourage the expression of ideas and stay true to your company’s purpose.


  • Mistakes Aren’t The End All: In case you’ve forgotten, the only way we learn is by doing and getting back up when life pushes you down. You could read every article about the first year, but you’ll never be able to predict 100% all the possibilities ahead. This is where your support system and the constant stream of online advice will come in handy. Bounce back from mishaps and make your company stronger; mistakes are opportunities to build a better business.


As the boss of your business, your employees will look to you for security and dependable cash flow. Since you have refreshed yourself on common mistakes and planned ahead, you have set you and your business up for success. Find your groove and keep pushing forward!

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16,714 Miles Later, Chris Coleman Knew He Would Be Changed Forever

Tanzania, an East African country known for its vast wilderness areas, has roughly 47.4 million highly diverse ethnic, linguistic, and religious groups. You may recognize one of Tanzania’s more famous attractions – Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest mountain. Also, over 450,000 tourists make it to the country’s Ngorongoro Conservation Area to enjoy wildebeest, zebras, rhinos and hyenas.

These exotic attractions have captivated thousands, but away from the wayfarer’s gaze patiently waits 2.5 million orphans, according to Unicef and other humanitarian organizations statisticsChris Coleman, FranNet of Missouri & Southern Illinois, decided to save the mountains and zebras for another time and focused instead on the children without a place to call home.

Chris recently traveled on a mission trip to Tanzania with a group of 16 others to a new orphanage where 40 recently relocated children lived. Their mission was to assist with projects that would help the orphanage become self-sustaining.

We have the opportunity and responsibility to do more,” said Chris. “Experiencing the poverty of a third world country has helped me to truly appreciate how blessed we are here in the U.S. and how we can use those blessings to help others both here and abroad.”

Chris first heard of the opportunity through a close friend, who was leading the mission trip. He knew he had to seize the opportunity, especially since he and his wife have always been passionate about the care of orphans.

Seeing first hand how small financial donations can significantly impact the lives of others was eye opening to Chris. The chance to spend time with, love on, and care for children that have lost or never known a mom and dad is important. He soon knew it would be an experience that would change him forever.

“There are so many things I learned from my time spent in Tanzania,” said Chris. “A couple words of advice I would like others to know is to get outside your comfort zones. That's usually where real growth happens. Also, when you serve others who are in need, you typically are the one who will be blessed.”

After his trip, Chris was inspired to become an advocate for orphans in the country of Tanzania. For individuals interested in continuing to help orphans in Tanzania, Falco's Children's Village is a long way from meeting their goal of providing homes and care for 350 children. Support is needed from other teams willing to travel to Tanzania to help, and donations are greatly needed and appreciated in the goals of building homes on the 70 acres they've been given.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”

Helen Keller

The Truth Behind Franchise Ownership

What does it take to own a franchise? In many ways, the responsibilities of a franchise owner align quite similarly with those of a small business owner. Even though they are essentially the same, the franchise owner starts of with a few more advantages.

There are many franchise concepts and some of them offer a type of product or service that connects directly with the customer. Depending on which franchise you choose, you could be very involved with the public on a daily basis. If you don’t have the patience or personality to deal with complaints, demands and the occasional attitude, then you might want to look for a franchise that does not need you on the front lines. Carefully understand the outline of your responsibilities and don’t settle for something you aren’t passionate about.

As an owner you need to make sure you have a strong team of employees, so you need to prepare for effectively training and motivating your team. The franchisees’ training and on-going support will come from the franchisor; however, the franchisee must pass on their knowledge and use it to better their individual operation.

You’ll also need to consider the marketing of your business. Your franchisor may have national or regional advertising, which they will handle. However, you may be also tasked with leading local marketing activities to actively promote your business. Are you prepared for this?

You will also need to plan for additional costs in starting of your business. There are the expenses of the initial investment, but keep in mind the royalty fees, equipment costs and the expense of keeping your business running day to day. Don’t set yourself up to fail -- money is important and so is time. You will be pulled a lot of different directions and you will need to dedicate a great deal of time on your business so your business can get up on its feet the right way.

Simply put, a franchise owner is a leader with an inability to quit. They take initiative, communicate effectively and are pro-active. Expect to fill this role wholeheartedly and you’re setting yourself up for great success.

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