Upcoming FranNet Webinar/Seminar Schedule for June

Memorial Day is over and you know as well as we do what that means – SUMMER is here! Many folks wait year-round for this time of year, plan interesting travel destination vacations or just kick back and relish the non-hectic aspects of the school year. But at FranNet, we’ll still be h[...] Read more...

If You Want to Franchise, First You Must Observe 

The power of observation is an incredible tool, if you’re willing to put time, effort and patience into doing so. We assume everyone who reads this blog is at least tangentially interested in a future as a franchise owner. Which shouldn’t be a stretch. Because of this belief, we have [...] Read more...

Debunking Some Common Myths About Franchising

Do you remember growing up during much simpler times? Think about it. Before the advent of smartphones, myths were a lot easier to believe in, were they not? Bigfoot sightings. UFO sightings. The Loch Ness Monster. Ever wonder why we no longer see any empirical evidence to support these mythologi[...] Read more...

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