Being a business owner comes with a lot of perks. The financial benefits should be obvious, but you also get to be your own boss – this makes owning your own business an attractive option for many people. That said, getting started on your own can be difficult. There are lots of pitfalls and financial risks with a startup, and many small businesses fail within their first couple years. The franchise model provides several benefits here: name recognition, a proven business model, and the support of the franchisor. If you’re considering franchise opportunities in California, you’re in the right place. Our local consultants can provide a lot of valuable insight into the process and help you find franchises for sale in California that you might not find on your own.

There are thousands of franchise opportunities in California, and it narrowing them down is no easy task. Consulting an area franchise expert will be extremely beneficial here. Not only will they help with initial research, they can provide valuable personal insight and match you with a franchise that’s a good fit for you. Your finances, skill set, and personal and professional goals will all be considered in the process, and once inventory has been taken, a consultant will provide you with some franchises for sale in California that will be a good match.

Franchise opportunities are available right now, so why wait? You can make your first great decision by contacting one of the consultants below today. They can help you achieve your goal of business ownership and provide invaluable guidance along the way. Just click on one of the consultant’s pages below to get started today.


Franchise Consultant Katie Fagan KATIE FAGAN — San Jose - San Francisco, Tri-Valley and East Bay Markets
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Franchise Consultant Page Nicol PAGE NICOL — San Diego, Orange County, and Southern Los Angeles
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Franchise Consultant Steve Shelton STEVE SHELTON — Sacramento Stockton South Lake Tahoe and the surrounding area
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Franchise Consultant Vic Scimo VIC SCIMO — Northern LA, Riverside, San Bernadino, Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties
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