Thinking about opening up shop and starting your own business? There’s a whole lot to consider before getting started, and you likely already have a few worries. There are numerous pitfalls and financial risks involved with a startup, and many find it difficult to stay afloat. Unfortunately, many new business ventures fail within their first couple years of operation. One way to circumvent many of the common problems people run into is by opting to become a franchisee. If you’re considering franchise opportunities in Illinois then you’ve landed on the right page.

Being your own boss, running a successful business, and achieving your personal and financial goals are all perks to becoming a franchisee. When you franchise, you’ll get access to business best practices and plans for success that you wouldn’t have if you started your own company from scratch. You’ll also enjoy other perks, like built in brand recognition and the support of a major company that wants you to achieve. When you bring in a franchise consultant, everything becomes even more streamlined. A FranNet consultant will help you find franchises for sale in Illinois that are a good fit for you. They’ll utilize our proven methodology to take stock of your professional background, skill set, personal goals, and finances, then narrow the field to provide you with some suggested franchise opportunities that are a good match.

If you’ve been looking for franchise opportunities in Illinois and you’re ready to take the next step, then please reach out to one of our consultants in Illinois. The benefits of speaking to an expert will present themselves immediately. To get started, click on one of the consultants listed below.


Franchise Consultant Chris Coleman CHRIS COLEMAN — Missouri, Central and Southern Illinois, Kansas and East Iowa
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Franchise Consultant Scott Majeski SCOTT MAJESKI — Chicago
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