Have you ever considered buying an existing business, but it didn’t quite seem right? Starting your own brand new business can be a bit risky, so that might not be the right move, either. If you’re looking to be a business owner but want to avoid many of the risks inherent with the above options, you could be better suited for franchise ownership. If you’re looking for information on franchise opportunities in Michigan, you’re in the right place.

Franchise ownership removes a lot of the problems entrepreneurs face with startups (like financing, brand recognition, and lack of business strategy). With a franchise, you pay some initial fees and ongoing royalties to a franchisor, but you get so much in return. You’ll get the use of their trademark, so you’ll have built in brand recognition so your customers will already know what you do best. You get the right to use the franchisor’s systems and business strategies, as well as the right to sell their products or services. You’ll also get training and best practices to make sure you’re following their guidelines. This means you’ll have an established and repeatable plan of action to follow. You’ll also enjoy the benefits of economics of scale. Buying materials in bulk to be supplied to many franchisees lowers your overhead and costs of operation. Most importantly, you get the support of a company that wants you to be successful in your endeavors. All of these perks will be extremely helpful in avoiding many of the common pitfalls startup businesses run into.

However, if you’re looking for franchises for sale in your area, you might find it difficult to find the best match for you on your own. You’ll also likely have some questions about the franchising process and the best way to move forward when looking into franchise opportunities in Michigan and surrounding areas. This is where FranNet comes in.

A FranNet franchise consultant can assist you with finding a franchise for sale in Michigan that’s a perfect match for you. They’ll schedule a consultation with you, and your interests, background, skillset, financial situation, and your professional and personal goals for your business will all be noted. They’ll then conduct research using FranNet’s proven methodology to narrow the list down to a few options that would be a good fit. You’ll get more than just research assistance, though. Your FranNet consultant will provide you with invaluable advice and feedback that will help streamline the entire process and ensure you make a wise decision.

If this sounds good to you, do not hesitate to contact one of our area consultants today. You can get started by clicking on one of their photos below. Your dream of business ownership can start with just a few clicks!


Franchise Consultant Mark Cory MARK CORY — FranNet of Michigan
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Franchise Consultant Linda Belford LINDA BELFORD — FranNet of Mid-Michigan and Oakland County
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Franchise Consultant Brigitte Betser BRIGITTE BETSER — FranNet of West Michigan including Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo and Lansing
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Franchise Consultant Carol Ward CAROL WARD — FranNet of Ann Arbor & Greater Detroit
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FranNet's franchise consultants own and independently operate each office throughout the FranNet system.

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