There are lots of perks to being a business owner. Beyond the obvious financial pluses, you also get to be your own boss! This is one of the primary reasons so many individuals are drawn to starting their own business. But where should you begin? Starting your own business can be extremely difficult, especially if you’re considering starting a brand new company. Unfortunately, it’s true that most brand new startups fail pretty early on, usually within a few years of opening. That’s why franchising is such an appealing option. You get to circumvent a lot of the risks common with starting a new business. Franchising also provides a lot of perks: Established branding and name recognition, ongoing training and a proven business model to follow, and most importantly – the support of a business that has already found success.

If you’re looking into franchise opportunities in New York, you’ve landed on the right page. Our consultants local to New York will not only help you find a franchise for sale in New York that’s a great fit for you, they’ll provide you with expert knowledge and advice about the franchising process. There are literally thousands of franchise opportunities in New York that are available right now, and narrowing them down will prove to be difficult on your own. If you speak to one of our consultants, they’ll speak to you about your personal and professional goals for your business. You’ll discuss your background, skill set, financial situation, and interests, and they’ll take notes on any other pertinent information related to you or what you’d like out of the business.  They’ll assist with the entire research, delivering you a list of opportunities for franchising in the New York area that would be a great match for you. 

There are franchise opportunities in the area available right now, just sitting on the table and waiting to be taken on. If you’re serious about owning your own business, please don’t hesitate to speak with a FranNet representative today. To get started, just click on one of them in the below list. You’ll definitely be glad you did.


Franchise Consultant John Adams JOHN ADAMS — FranNet of Buffalo/Rochester & Syracuse, NY
(585) 739-6625
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Franchise Consultant John Armstrong JOHN ARMSTRONG — FranNet of New York City
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Franchise Consultant Frank Dunne FRANK DUNNE — FranNet of Hudson Valley and Western MA
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Franchise Consultant Ken Stein KEN STEIN — FranNet of Long Island
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Franchise Consultant Stuart Levenberg STUART LEVENBERG — FranNet of Long Island
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Franchise Consultant Christine Nocciolo CHRISTINE NOCCIOLO — FranNet of New Jersey and New York
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Franchise Consultant Boynton Weekes BOYNTON WEEKES — FranNet of North and Central New Jersey and New York
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Franchise Consultant Erika Davis ERIKA DAVIS — FranNet of Central New York
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FranNet's franchise consultants own and independently operate each office throughout the FranNet system.

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