Have you ever thought about purchasing an existing business, but it just didn’t feel right? Maybe starting from the ground up with your own brand new company seemed a bit intimidating? If so, franchising could be a great fit for you, and there are thousands of franchise opportunities in Ohio. As a franchisee, you’ll need to pay some initial fees and ongoing royalties to the franchisor, but you’ll get a wealth of perks in return. You’ll get the opportunity to use their branding and trademark, access to their strategies, systems, and business plans, and best of all, the support a major company behind you that wants you to be successful. After all, it’s mutually beneficial!

As well as the right to use the franchisors brand name, you’ll also have other advantages that you wouldn’t have if you chose to start your own company. The greatest one being that you get a proven system of day to day operations, along with the training to make sure you can undertake them successfully. This is a huge advantage over going it alone, and you’ll avoid many of the mistakes people run into with a startup company.

However, finding the right franchise for sale in Ohio that’s the perfect match for you can be tricky. As mentioned before, there are many franchise opportunities available, and it can be difficult to separate the great from the not-so-great. This is where FranNet comes in. One of our Ohio franchising experts will meet with you to collect some personal information and discuss what you want from owning your own business. Your personal goals, background, financial situation, skill set, and interests will all be accounted for, and your franchise consultant will go to work conducting research on your behalf. They’ll provide you with a list of franchise opportunities in Ohio that would be a great match for you, and they’ll impart valuable advice along the way.

If this sounds good to you, do not hesitate to reach out to a FranNet representative in your state. You’ll see the benefits immediately, and our services are completely free of charge. Just click on one of the franchise consultants below to get started!


Franchise Consultant Ted Fireman TED FIREMAN — FranNet of Central & Southeastern Ohio | Greater New Orleans
614.440.0038 | 504.459.9404
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Franchise Consultant Todd Pfister TODD PFISTER — Frannet MidAmerica – Southwestern Ohio, N. Kentucky and Indiana
513-469-2900 | 513-543-3325 Cell
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Franchise Consultant Tracy Rickman TRACY RICKMAN — FranNet of Northern Ohio
419-872-7451 | 419-206-7927 Cell
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Franchise Consultant Barney Greenbaum BARNEY GREENBAUM — FranNet of Columbus
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Franchise Consultant Jim Hegarty JIM HEGARTY — FranNet of Northeast Ohio
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Franchise Consultant Terese McGroarty TERESE MCGROARTY — FranNet of Northeast Ohio
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Franchise Consultant Dick Munson DICK MUNSON — FranNet of Southwestern Ohio & Northern Kentucky
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Franchise Consultant William Powell WILLIAM POWELL — FranNet of Southwestern Ohio & Northern Kentucky
Dayton: 937-307-5121 | Cincy/N KY 513-235-4451
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Franchise Consultant Jason Rinsky JASON RINSKY — FranNet MidAmerica
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FranNet's franchise consultants own and independently operate each office throughout the FranNet system.

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