Auto Franchises

It’s no secret that to many people, the car is King. It seems some have had a love affair with automobiles since the first Model T rolled off of Henry Ford’s assembly line—and it’s only grown over time.

How You Can Get Involved with Automotive Franchising 

People view vehicles as an extension of their personality, not just a transportation mode, which is why auto franchise opportunities will continue to remain relevant. At FranNet, we look to align with your passion to race into a car franchise opportunity.  

Some people may be looking to work in an industry where you have a particular passion. And nothing says passion like automobile lovers. For the automotive tinkering enthusiast, you can channel this interest and energy into a viable business opportunity by checking out franchise opportunities in the automotive category. Whether your passion is fixing automobiles or fine tuning them, FranNet has a wide category of options sure to set you upon the “Open Road” to success.


There is a wide variety of auto franchise opportunities for you to choose from when starting your business ownership engine.

  • Quick service oil change franchise
  • Transmission repair franchise
  • Muffler shop franchise
  • Auto parts franchise
  • Automotive cleaning franchise

Whatever you choose, FranNet has the opportunity to match your automotive passion. Drop the clutch on a new career path by choosing one of many rubber burning automobile franchises, and see if you won’t be cruising with the top down towards financial independence.

How Can We Help You?

Our goal at FranNet is not to push you to into a new business opportunity that you are not ready to take head on. We have three decades of experience in helping others just like you walk through the many stages of the decision-making process that lead up to owning a franchise.

Our consultants will:

  • Help entrepreneurs focus on the right opportunity and solution at the local market level.
  • Guide you through the research process.
  • Discuss your financing options.

A franchise is a business strategy to help you get ahead of the race in the marketplace. We are eager to drive alongside you from start to finish and assist you in exceeding your career goals. Whichever road that you decide to take, FranNet is here for you! Fill out the form to learn more.


There is nothing easy about opening a business. FranNet consultants understand the time commitment and intimidation factors and are here to make you feel secure in your decision.

When starting your own business there are 3 main factors to consider:

  • Starting your own business from scratch
  • Buying an existing business
  • Starting a franchise

The scratch level is the most extensive because you have no support and are responsible for everything on your own. An existing business seems like a good idea, but there are typically very high costs to purchase. A franchise is a win-win, you completely own the business and continue to have a support system to help with anything you may need.


There are many steps to complete when starting your own franchise that a FranNet consultant will work through with you:

  • Picking the perfect franchise- by taking our Personal Franchise Assessment you will be able to understand what you enjoy, what you’ll excel at and what franchise will boom in your area.
  • Research- A FranNet consultant will talk through your ideas with you and will share their research on what does well in the local market you are located in.
  • Financing- Will you need to apply for loans to complete your franchise purchase?
  • Location- Where is the demand for your franchise? What are the similar businesses in the area doing? Location and competition become a huge factor in the success of your franchise.
  • Open- begin to sell your business!

Simply fill out the “Find Your Perfect Franchise” box to the right and your local FranNet consultant will reach out to you directly.


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