Chuck Richardson, Tutor Doctor

One of the things Chuck Richardson doesn't miss about his old career is the travel. Working as a business consultant for nearly thirty years, Chuck was the expert resource and needed on site. Chuck worked with a local FranNet consultant to find the business that fit his criteria.

How do you help families in your community?
I have a masters degree in education and I want to do what I can to unlock our potential and instill a culture of lifelong learning. Once we schedule an appointment, we meet with the parents and with the students. We’re working with students who try to move from a B to an A and we work with really struggling students as well. We even work with adults who are preparing for professional certifications.

Why Franchising?
In my old career, I was the consultant. I was the product. In my new career, as the owner of a Tutor Doctor. Franchise, I have a team of people that I lead. It was important for my business that a team delivered the services.

How did you discover franchising?
I didn’t know too much about franchising, but read a couple books and did research online. My FranNet consultant, Thom Crimans, guided me to find the business that is right for me by learning about my goals.

How’s Tutor Doctor been since opening?
Tutor Doctor is growing and we’re growing. While the corporate team is “developing key processes” they never go to the point of “this is how you do it.” For me and my family, it’s important for us to develop our own processes based on ideas and suggestions, not mandates. That’s really been good, as of late.

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