"Barney demonstrated high concern for my personal needs and was a key advisor in my development of a career strategy that included owning a franchise opportunity. In an industry that is full of non-professional and unprepared sales consultants, Barney stands out as a true professional. I truly appreciated his assistance, advice and integrity." - Michael P. Weisenburger

"As part of a career transition from corporate America, I engaged Barney to educate me on the opportunities for franchise ownership. I found Barney to be an incredible advisor. He is down-to-earth, exhibits total integrity, and has a great acumen for matching someone's skills and desires to the franchise opportunities that will provide the best financial reward and personal fulfillment. I highly recommend Barney." -Cynthia Picciano 

"Barney's open line of communication and willingness to see the entrepreneur in people, has made leaders into business owners. I met Barney when I was struggling to find a new career direction. Now, as a recruiter, I send him candidates that are trying to decide to return to working for a company or opening their own! Great person to know!" -Amy Dennis, Recruiter/Business Development Manager at CMax Advisors

"Barney Greenbaum was fantastic to work with. Honest and intelligent Advisor. His knowledge is vast and thorough. He denotes an easiness to build interpersonal relations with others. Makes the impossible possible!" - Tammy Ricketson

"Barney really cares about people. He and I worked together as I considered the possiblity of buying a franchise and I always felt he was honest, and truly concerned about my best interest. He could have just tried to sell me a franchise, but he was cautious about what he recommended because he didn't want me to get into a situation where I might not be able to support my family, and I appreciated that." -Lewis VanLandingham

"If you are looking for advice about whether or not owning a franchise is right for you or what it is like to own a franchise, you need look no further than Barney Greenbaum.  I have known Barney for many years now and I have grown to respect his knowledge and expertise related to all things franchise. His approach to serving his clients shows his business acumen and integrity and he is always focused on doing what is right for those he counsels.  I've also always been impressed with Barney's willingness and desire to give back to the community where he lives and works. He truly cares about all of the folks he meets and strives to make a positive difference in their lives. I highly recommend that you connect with Barney. I've very glad that I did." -Jeff Young

"Barney is one of the nicest consultants I have ever worked with. Not only that his knowledge and the way he treats his cleints leads to his success. If you are in Central Ohio and curious about entrepreneurship, you should contact Barney. He will lead you down that path and assist you in making it happen! Barney is a gem!" -Rob Eberle

"Barney not only has business acumen, he has integrity. Sure, he wants your business, but as a man who has been in business for himself and at the same time had to be a dad, husband, and community member, he understands the balance between opportunity and limitations/responsiblities, and that guides how he interacts with his clients. He also presents franchising opportunities in his seminars in a manner that you comprehend all the pros and cons - and the commitment - all in a way that is interesting and personal. It isn't a "sales job". It's about the right fit!" -Amy Archer

"Barney is straight foward, honest and a true professional! He is very detail oriented with strong communication skills and an expert in his field. I learned very quickly during our relationship that Barney is very well known and respected throughout the entire franchise industry. I was honore to work with him and now call him my friend." - Chris Martin

"Barney is an expert in helping individuals to consider their options in choosing a franchise business opportunity. He does this throug ha thorough evaluation of their skills, attributes, etc and obtaining a deep understanding of their goals and objectives. He has become a trusted advisor and someone whose counsel I will continue to seek in the future." - Wes Mayer






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