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Looking for franchise opportunities in Virginia or Washington DC? I am a franchise industry expert who can help you sort through the 3,000+ franchised businesses available in your community and find the one that is the best fit for YOU. Using FranNet's 30 year old system and my own experience, we will look for the business that is best aligned with your personal and professional goals.

Our process begins with an assessment that enables me to start creating a personality profile and taking an inventory of your skills, experience, and finances. Then I will spend 4-5 hours with you, gaining a thorough understanding of your strengths, your goals, and your dreams before making my initial business recommendations. And I will stay with you throughout your entire research process, providing you with guidance and additional business suggestions along the way.

Consider avoiding the hassles that are most often experienced with traditional start-ups and launch a franchise business instead. Franchisees often break even much quicker and earn more money each year than independent businesses in the same industry. I will help you navigate the process and guide you to the best possible match – at no cost or obligation to you.

Take that big first step toward owning your own business. Call or email me today!


As a former Fortune 20 Executive, Faizun has 17+ years of experience in corporate, multinational, nonprofit & entrepreneurial settings on three continents. She is an expert in public policy development, corporate responsibility, social enterprise & crisis communications. Skilled in contextual intelligence, she has created new business opportunities by leveraging strategic alliances.

Conversant in multiple languages, she has been described as the “consummate connector”. Coming from an unusual mix of work background (World Bank, Johns Hopkins University, Verizon) and life experiences (growing up in Asia and Africa), Faizun is able to see patterns in seemingly unconnected things and forge connections in the most unlikely places. Deeply intuitive, she has forged alliances and brought together stakeholders who had never worked together before. As an acclaimed social entrepreneur, she has founded a company where doing good and doing well blend seamlessly to change lives.

Faizun received her BA in Women’s Studies and Environmental Studies from Mount Holyoke College. She holds a Master’s degree in Public Policy as well as a Master’s in Business Administration from the Johns Hopkins University. She is also a graduate of Stanford University’s acclaimed Social Entrepreneurship Program.

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