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At FranNet, ours is NOT a one size fits all approach to business ownership. Our purpose is to listen to you to learn what it is that you are hoping to achieve from your business ownership experience. We represent potential franchisees throughout Central Florida and the Greater Tampa Bay area including Citrus, Hernando, Pasco, Hillsborough, Indian River, Lake, Manatee, Orange, Osceola, Pinellas, Polk, Seminole and Sumter Counties. We will guide you to the franchise that is the best fit for YOU based on your personal and professional goals, lifestyle interests, and financial resources. Finding a franchise for sale in Tampa may be just the step you need to start setting your own rules for the life you want to live. 


So many of us were raised to believe that, if we got a good education and we found a good career with a good company, we would reap the rewards for our hard work. Even though we thought we were secure in our chosen careers because we were top performers in our companies, we found out that we were not secure at all. The rug was pulled out from under us at a time when we were starting to think about taking that magic carpet ride into retirement. What to do now? Start all over again trading our hard work for a paycheck? Or, is it time to take the reins and transition what we've learned in Corporate America to start creating our own vision of what our life - and work - should look like?


So many people dream of becoming business owners, but for a variety of reasons, fail to pursue that dream. For some, it is the perception of risk. Others feel they lack the skills to be successful business owners, or feel they don't have the financial resources to invest in a business of their own. Then, there are those who are simply overwhelmed by the many options that are available for business ownership. That's where I come in. I work with my clients to help them define what it is that they are looking for in a business and what strengths they bring to that business. Using this information, along with a number of additional parameters such as their values and interests, I recommend franchise business opportunities that are a good fit for them and for our market here in Tampa and West Central Florida. I then guide them through a thorough due diligence process so that they can make an informed decision about their business investment. I also refer them to other professionals whom they will need, such as attorneys, accountants, real estate professionals, and of course, financial institutions that are providing financing for today's small businesses.


If you could find a business that you could be successful at, would you grab the chance? If you could minimize the risk of going into business for yourself, would it be more appealing? If you could have the support of a proven system where you are given a blueprint for success, would it be worth it to you to follow it? I'd love to explore business ownership in Tampa Bay and Central Florida with you through the array of franchises for sale that FranNet works with. My services are at no charge to you. I'll be looking forward to hearing from you.


My career started in Sweden and then moved to Latin America and the Caribbean, where I helped develop markets for consumer products, manufacturing processes and IT product and services. I ended up starting my own IT service company. In 2001 I decided it was time to slow down and “re-evaluate“ my goals and find out how I could create a balanced fulfilling future. 

Relocating to Florida had already been on my mind for some years, so this was the right moment. After evaluating my professional career, I found that the parts which I enjoyed the most was helping small businesses reach their best potential.

In 2006 I joined a volunteer organization dedicated to helping the small business community. Since then, I have been working part time, mentoring the small business community in the Tampa Bay area. 

Being an immigrant, I have experienced first-hand the opportunities to create a new life in this country and now I like to help others find and start their own business, where they can build their own success and enjoy working, while doing it. (Si usted prefiere una conversación en español estoy a su disposición ).

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