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Being a business owner has a lot of advantages. Beyond the financial perks, getting to be your own boss and control your own future is a huge draw for some individuals. Many people look at franchising as a positive alternative to a start up. Franchising gives you built in brand recognition, so people know what your business does right from the start. With a franchise, you'll also get a proven and repeatable business model to follow. Pershaps most importantly, you'll get the full support of a successful company behind you that will provide you with methodologies to follow and advice to ensure that you succeed. If you're looking into franchise opportunities in the Greater Tampa Bay area, you've landed on the right page. FranNet can give you tons of great insight on the franchising process and help you navigate the path to owning your own business. We'll not only help you find franchises available in Tampa and the surrounding counties, our proven methods make sure you find a franchise that's a great fit for you.

There are lots of franchise opportunities available in Florida, and picking out the one that's perfect for you isn't a walk in the park! There is a lot of research involved, and it takes expertise to find something that will be a good match for you. This is how I can help you, by guiding you through the process with my knowledge in the area. We'll be able to set up an in person meeting and discuss your goals for the business. Your background, finances, skills, professional goals, and interests will all be taken into account before any research begins. With that data in mind, we will look through area opportunities and get back to you with a narrowed list of franchises for sale in the Greater Tampa Bay area that look like a good fit for you. You'll also get a lot of great guidance throughout the process.

Greater Tampa Bay has lots of franchise opportunities just sitting on the table, so if you're seriously considering getting into a franchise business, please do not hesitate to reach out. It will be your first great decision in this process.


A graduate of Marshall University, Pat had a long and successful career in Human Resources, serving a variety of industries. Witnessing firsthand that having a successful career in no way guarantees either job or financial security, she yearned to be in control of her own destiny and to have the freedom to determine the work/life balance that worked for her. Pat's path to business ownership led her to purchase the FranNet franchise in Tampa in 2008. Now she helps others like herself find freedom.

Pat's background makes her uniquely suited to assist you in realizing your dream of business ownership. Take advantage of all she has to offer while making your own dreams come true!

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