FranNet's Sara Waskow Featured in Ft. Worth Star-Telegram

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Sara Waskow is the owner of FranNet of Dallas/Fort Worth, a franchise consulting service that offers free consultation services to potential business owners. Various studies have shown that franchise opportunities are a safer bet for long-term success than startups or existing business purchases. For example, 92 percent of FranNet franchise placements were still in business after two years, compared to only 67 percent of other small business ventures. After a five-year period, FranNet placements had an 85 percent success rate compared to only 50 percent of other small businesses. I recently sat down with Waskow to get her take on how FranNet can help people determine if a franchise opportunity is right for them and what franchises could be standouts in DFW in 2017.

Read the full article from the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram here:

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