FranNet Franchise Consultant Reviews

Chuck Richardson Testimonial

One of the things Chuck Richardson doesn't miss about his old career is the travel. Meeting withFranNet consultant ThomCrimans, Chuck was introduced to small business ownership options that he hadn't yet considered. Watch more of Chuck's story, here. What can FranNet help you BE?

Guy Vance Testimonial

Guy Vance's career had him traveling four to five times a week. Wanting to spend more time with his family, he knew he was ready to try something new. See howFranNet consultant MikeWelch helped Guy discover the next step in his career so he could "Be Home More." Watch more of Guy’s story, here. What can FranNet help you BE?

Lee Sapata Testimonial

Lee Sapata had a successful career in corporate America, which had him relocating often. After the twelfth move, he was ready to make a change. He met with FranNet consultant Thom Crimans who helped him discover the small business ownership opportunity he was looking for. What can FranNet help you Be?

Bob Heckler Testimonial

Bob Heckler had a long, successful career in corporate America. Then he found FranNet consultant Blair Nicol and his life - and his career - changed forever. Click above to hear Bob's story and why he sought to "Be in Control." What can FranNet help you Be?

Franchise consultant reviews are a great way to get a feel for how we've helped current franchisees reach their goals. We're confident in our franchise consultants expertise and encourage prospective franchisees to research the franchise consultant reviews that are out there to get a feel for our process.

Here's what some of our recent clients have said about partnering with FranNet:

"I would not have been where I am today without Merri's help. She educated me on what I needed to know to make an informed decision before I signed my agreement. She continues to follow up with me and provide assistance to this day. She is truly a professional in her field and I recommend her to anyone considering being a franchise owner."

- Lei B. of Austin, TX

"You can't ask for better support than what Jose provided. He went beyond the call of duty on several occasions to intercede between us and the Franchisor, in an objective yet forceful way, whenever there were communication impasses that were due to social, cultural, and basic misunderstandings of international practices."

- Jose R. of Puerto Rico

"I have only worked with my FranNet consultant, but if he is a representative of your organization, then you must have an outstanding team. I have a lot of franchise experience and that probably makes me a rather opinionated and difficult profile to work with, but he surprised me with his breadth of knowledge and ability to help me focus on my actual goals before even I knew what they were. Going into the process, I had very strong feelings about what I didn't want in a franchise, and he helped me understand the type of environment and franchisor that is best for my skills, goals and franchisor interaction. I look at franchising differently, because he helped me look at myself differently."

- Jeff B. of Vancouver, BC

"It was a very good process with the questionnaire, phone conversations and getting to know my strengths and ambitions. My consultant was very informative, patient and he did a great job in matching me with opportunities. He took the time to find out exactly what I was looking for. During the research process, I made the decision that I am not 100% ready to purchase a franchise. My consultant was very helpful, informative and courteous. If I were to consider a franchise in the future I will contact him right away. I will recommend him to anyone I meet who is looking for a franchise opportunity."

- Gerty D. of Columbus, OH

"My FranNet consultant was very professional but also personable. She kept us moving forward by setting timeframes for each part of the overall investigation process. Her selections for potential franchises were "right on the money" for our goals. She was ALWAYS available, even when on vacation. Overall, we were very impressed with FranNet and with her in particular."

- Lanier Quantz, FranNet client

"She was very patient, knew her subject matter, was professional and helped me greatly in picking the right franchise. She also educated and gave me info regarding due diligence, use of my 401K plan to help fund my business, etc. Without her, I would still be looking."

- Steve McMahan, FranNet client

"She was most concerned about finding a good fit for me - not just getting me to buy a franchise. I know that if she assessed that I was not a good candidate for a particular option she would have told me so. She continues to check in with me even now that I am getting my own business started and I consider her to be a true professional."

- Alan Babcock, FranNet client

"My consultant took the time to understand me - what motivates me, the working environment in which I thrive and my personal and professional goals. We didn't really get into franchise opportunities until the first part was clearly identified."

- Amado Izaguirre, FranNet client

"Our consultant was great and the process he took us through really opened our eyes to new possibilities. I was skeptical at first, but the insights I gained made me a believer. I would recommend FranNet's process to anyone considering a franchise. Whatever your experience is, you will learn something."

- John Neilson, FranNet client

"She was outstanding to work with. She provided the right amount of information, introductions to franchisors, and guidance. She is an ultimate professional, and someone that I'll recommend others to in the future."

- Matthew Boyd, FranNet client

"He provided a comprehensive consultation. We went over my strengths and interests and he provided three opportunities that matched my profile. With his guidance, my wife and I evaluated the franchise offerings and settled on an exciting opportunity. He was a professional advisor and I personally appreciate his steady guidance through this complicated purchase. Thank you!"

- Robert Moore, FranNet client

"Our consultant understood our needs and goals since the beginning of our conversations. He's been of great support throughout the whole process even after signing the contract with our franchisor. We look forward to continuing working with him. Thank you!"

- Magda Gelves, FranNet client

"My consultant was absolutely terrific. She helped me identify my most important criteria, offered numerous options and guided me along the process. She was always patient, professional and available. She was receptive to every question and was able to answer them all. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to start their own business."






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